Denon AH-D600 Headphone

A Closed Back Denon AH-D600 Headphone With A Very ide soundstage

The AH-D600 is a new headphone out this year from the well known company Denon. It is part of their Music Maniac line of headphones.  Its a closed back headphone that can be powered by portable players (25 ohms).  It even comes with a cable to be used with idevices to take and make calls.  While still large the new line of Music Maniac headphones is designed to be more slim-lined and more widely accepted by a mainstream audience while maintaining audiophile sound.

Denon AH-D600 Headphone


While the D600 is a closed back headphone it has a very wide soundstage.  Don’t get me wrong you won’t mistake it for an open back but you will be pleased with how spacious this headphone sounds.  It also provides a great deal of isolation, partly because it is closed back, but also because of the dense padding around the ears.  The highs are a bit rolled off but clear, and the bass is resounding.  Minor bass bleed does occur.  This is a vocal forward headphone with a great sense of depth overall. I like the sound of this headphone a great deal and especially enjoy that it sets me appart in my own little world.

Denon AH-D600 Headphone


The D600 is a large headphone.  Normally this would not be the first thing that I would notice as I have a large head but these can go well past where I need them and may be to large on the smallest setting for many people.  Besides that fact and that they will get  warm these are incredibly comfortable.  They have enough padding on the band and fully around the ear thick earpads.  The pads are thicker at the back to give them some added fit. The cups themselves swivel and the band and earpads are leathery.  These aren’t a light headphone in the hand but the weight is hardly noticeable when on.


These headphones are some of the most versatile I own.  They are easily driven, closed back and come with the accessories to take them places.  They can also be used to take and make calls as well as a headset for a computer with an adapter(not included).  There only drawback is there size which makes them hard to pack and cumbersome to wear around the neck when not listening.  Musically these headphones are great for all types of music but best suited for things with heavy bass tones such as dubstep, hiphop and some world music.

Denon AH-D600 Headphone


While not inexpensive at $500 these headphones sound the part and can be used anywhere you’re willing to take them.  They also include a bag for storage and two cables, one meant for home use and one on the go.  Because they can be driven by portable devices there is also no need for an amp so no added cost. The build quality on these headphones is good but includes a majority of plastic components. In all I’d say these are a great value and a great buy for the starting headphile.


At 500 dollars this headphone is not inexpensive but it does have great sound and versatility to back up that price.  Add to that that these are incredibly comfortable and have the ability to serve multiple functions and you have a real winner of a headphone. Out of all the headphones I own if I had to choose just one to hold onto it would be these, due to their sound quality and phenomenal versatility.