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Athlete-Inspired Versatile Headphones From Steven Lamar

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In order to prevent tangles of wires, the Athlete-Inspired Versatile Headphones is worn around the neck, which allows consumers to have more convenient access to it as well. With the mobile app, the audio frequencies can be adjusted so that the sound can be changed to suit a variety of preferences. Steven Lamar is the creator of ‘ROPES USA’ — a brand of Bluetooth headphones that were inspired by American athletes and servicemen.

Athlete-Inspired Versatile Headphones From Steven Lamar

With this, ROPES USA expands on Steven Lamar’s previous ROAM ROPES, offering a patriotic colorway in time for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The colorful headphones are said to be “the world’s first fully-integrated, wearable, Bluetooth earphones with companion amplifier and audio personalization app.”

The designer claims the impressive title of the Beats by Dre co-creator, giving Steven Lamar’s product an instant marketability.