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The Best Bluetooth Earphones Buying Guide

Everything is built for on the go today. Thus, it is no wonder, our music too is becoming more portable and personalized by the day.
Bluetooth earphones are the pinnacle of comfort and are built for a highly active lifestyle. No wires dangling, they have been created for convenience and portability. Instead of lugging large headphones with long winded cables around, you can get yourself a wireless pair of in-ears and use it with your Bluetooth enabled devices.

There has always been a conception that Bluetooth earphones do not reproduce the best music, the notion has, however, begun to fade. Afterall, great things have been forgone for the sake of looks. With so many new additions to the line, we help you choose from the best.

In no particular order, here are the best wireless options to choose from.




Skullcany - Method BT
  • Skullcany - Method BT

Skullcany - Method BT


Skullcandy, the true blooded American brand is well know for producing headphones that implore to the likes and taste of young adults. With its loud and flashy build and powering music, they become an instant hit among the young race.

The Skullcandy Method BT does not stray far away from Skullcandy’s design. The Method BT is evidently built to be used during exercising. The Flexsport  collar design goes around your neck and gently clasp your skin, it feels comfortable to sport even during long hours. The colourful earbuds are attractive to look at and resemble marble paper. Available in three colours, you can choose from white, black and blue.

When it comes to the sound, the Method BT boasts of powerful bass. We love the thump and raspiness that it produces. A good thing, the earphones do not distort at all, even at extremely high volumes. Very crisp and clean, there is very little you would be complaining about. However, a little overall brightness would make for a perfect audio experience

The  Method BT offers good user control. The controls are conveniently located on the neckband. It allows you to carry out your important functions by clicking on the three buttons and multifunction button that handles volume levels, playback, calls, etc. The array may however, lead you to adjust the volume when meaning to pause a track.

The sweat resistant featurelets your earphones stay dry, even when the going gets tough. Thus, you do not have to worry about your earphones getting damaged by the dampness caused during your exercise sessions.

Skullcandy promises a battery life ofupto 9 hours, which is fairly good and will solely vary on the volume levels that you play your music on.

The Skullcandy comes in a package that includes two pairs ofeartips and a charging cable. We wish Skullcandy was a little more generous with the accessories.

The Mathod BT gives you good music and great features. A steal at this price point.




Sony - MDR-XB80BS

Sony - MDR-XB80BS

Sony, as a brand gives us great options to choose from. High on features and built to look good, they always strive to bring to us the best.

The MDR-XB80BS are premium wireless earphones that are packed with technology to improve sound reproduction, during your hectic schedule.The plain matte finished earphones are very simply designed and feature a behind the ear looping design. The XB80BS clearly does not stay true to Sony’s otherwise flashy design. It clearly comes across, Sony has designed these for a no fuss gym goer.

Extremely lightweight, the XB80S comes with comfort as its top priority. They fit and hook comfortably on to your ears. The short cable avoids tangling and wiring, keeping you entirely focussed on your goal.

The XB80BS features aptX technology that offers lag-free listening via Bluetooth. These earphones do just that and transmit your audio without loss in quality. The bass is heavy, with the highs and mids coming through clearly. However, the balance does suffer a little. We would not hold this against Sony, as the  XB80BS is tuned to produce heavy bass and makes for perfect listening at the gym. 

The built-in microphone and remote lets you make and take hands-free phone calls. The in-line remote is not limited to the operating system and lets you control your music too. This keeps you away from unnecessary interruption.

The XB80BS boast of the best built in this category. Rain and sweat resistant, it lets you give your all, at the workout session. Very durable, Sony is confident that even a fall will not damage these in-ears.

The battery life is decent and nothing to write home about. The MDR-XB80BS gives you 7 hours of playback when charged fully.

With a well-built body, and the features that the XB80BS comes with, it is clearly tailored for highly active individuals. Preferably not the choice for purists though.



Sol Republic - Shadow
  • Sol Republic - Shadow


Sol Republic is one of the many brands that made behind-the-ear design very popular and very evidently, it has caught the eyes of many other big brands.

The Sol Republic Shadow are well built in-ear earphones. It seems sturdy and capable of taking a fair amount of abuse. The biomorphic flexible nature and  of the band and its softer, more rubberized plastic ends up feeling better against your skin than the more rigid, hard plastic that other earphones feature.

When it comes to the aesthetics, the Shadow  looks very premium. The uber slim design and metal accents give them a look that is truly business class. We love the seamless design the Shadow flaunts.

The audio quality is notable. With a deep rich bass, the clarity is incredible. The sound is warm and crisp. It offers a fuller and wider sound stage. You will enjoy listening to immersive audio during your sporty days out.

Like many earphones in this category, the Shadow too comes with a cool feature. It is sweat and water resistant, making it perfect for any strenuous activity.

The Shadow comes with a 3 button remote and microphone. The remote lets you conveniently adjust, play and pause your music.

These earphones offer a standard 8 hours of battery life. Sol Republic could have definitely done better on this front.

The Shadow comes with some real appealing traits and is the best pair from Sol Republic.



Beats by Dr. Dre - Powerbeats 3 Wireless
  • Beats by Dr. Dre - Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Beats by Dr. Dre - Powerbeats 3 Wireless

With Apple taking over Beats, loyalists now have a fantastic option with the Powerbeats Wireless 3. These come with a bass heavy sound that is signature to all Beats headphones.

Does the Powerbeats Wireless have an iconic design that would attract eyeballs? Absolutely.

It’s not often that you come across a product that is known more for its design than its functionality. With the Powerbeats Wireless 3, build quality is impeccable, there are no flimsy bits, and it’s all tightly engineered for a solid overall feel.  These earphones also have a no-slip grip RemoteTalk™ control that is compatible with iOS devices.

Fit it and forget it should be the mantra for any sports gear, but  achieving a tight seal is an issue here. Although Beats claim it’s designed so on purpose to keep the ambient noise flowing in and the performance will not take a hit, irrespective of the fit. Despite Beats’ claims unfortunately, there is perceivable sound loss if a proper seal isn’t achieved, and if you try to force them to do that, the earphones could get uncomfortable.

There’s one thing where Beats always strike the right chord, it’s in the presentation. From the thick packaging to the striking colour combinations, the decorative presentation of the headset to even the design of the hard carry case, it looks premium. The headphones come with a few different sizes of silicone eartips. Among other things are a USB connector and the aforementioned Beats embedded hard carry case.

It’s all about the bass. But did you expect anything else from Beats?

Of course not, bass heavy sound and Beats go hand in hand, which is not a bad thing in this case. Since there are issues with getting a perfect seal, the added oomphsomewhat compensates for the loss of sound.

The Beats has an overall sound signature that takes a fun ‘V’ shape sound, that’s big on bass with recessed mids to give the lows the centre stage of every music.

EDM, Hip-Hop and Disco Pop sound very good but might not be ideal for more subtle genres of music such as country, soft rock or Jazz.

Those who are loyal to the Beats brand will still find a lot to like here. The audio might not be great, but it will get the job done for the most part.