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Picture Sunday: Vision Ears VE8

This week’s picture Sunday features the brand new Vision Ears VE8. To check out recent Picture Sunday Posts click HERE. What you’re looking at here is one of the very first completed sets of the VE8 custom inear monitors by our friends from Vision Ears in Germany. After the launch of their VE5, which we reviewed […]

Picture Sunday: Audeze iSine20

This week’s picture Sunday features the new Audeze iSine 20. To check out recent Picture Sunday Posts click HERE. Everyone by now has surely heard about the unique looking and sounding Audeze iSine inear monitors. If you haven’t then head over to the Audeze website and read about the world’s first planar magnetic inear headphones. I specifically wrote […]

Review: Fiio F5 – Going Balanced

Disclaimer: The Fiio F5 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our review. Fiio is a Headfonia partner but Fiio insists that we keep our objectivity as we do for all other brands.   Fiio Fiio is going strong. Maybe even the strongest ever. Yes their renewal rate might be a little […]

Review: Grado PS2000e – so desperately before

Disclaimer: Grado’s Japanese distributor, Knicom, supplied the PS2000e for this review. It’s not mine and will go back today. The PS2000e goes for 2,695.00$ USD. You can find out more about it here: Grado PS2000e. Update: I’ve added a few photos that hopefully will show more detail. Falling for Grado’s PS1000 was trivial. Falling from […]

Review: Oriolus Forsteni | Not Just a Baby

Disclaimer: Oriolus Forsteni is sent us by Oriolus Japan. We received the IEM free of charge for reviewing. Forsteni goes for 374$ USD on their website. INTRO I guess you remember the Oriolus V2 review that I posted couple of months ago. If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest you to do so, as it’s one of the best IEMs […]

Picture Sunday: Meze 99 NEO

Meze Audio: Meze 99 NEO When I’m on about earphone comfort, I’m on about Beyer’s Xelento and Astell&Kern’s AKT8iE. When I’m on about headphone comfort I might talk about the DT880 and to a lesser extent, the HD600. If I didn’t in the same breath mention the 99 Classics, all credibility of mine is gone. […]

Wayback Wednesday: Grado’s GR10 – GRRRRREAT!

Disclaimer: This article about the Grado GR10 is part of the new Wayback Wednesday series which is replacing our “Favourite album of” series. I first encountered an early version of the Grado GR10 sometime in 2012. I encountered it deep in Dimitri Trush’s Musica Acoustics office, meaning: it was buried behind boxes of GoVibes, Fisher […]

Review: Vision Ears VE8 – Perfection

Disclaimer: Vision Ears sent us the Vison Ears VE8 free of charge in exchange for the review. The unit is a custom version and it doesn’t need to be returned. Vision Ears isn’t a site advertiser.   Vision Ears If you’ve been following and reading HFN, than you certainly know this isn’t the first time […]