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Headphones For Children

More and more kids are using headphones to listen to music, watch movies or television and to play games on mobile devices.The headphone market has expanded consistently since the earliest home stereos. With the advent of portable music technology, pocket radios, cassette players, CDs, mp3s and eventually smart phones, the headphone user-base has expanded massively. […]

Reviewing The Full Sized HeadPhones

We did the less known Mycroft Izophones early this year, followed by the Myst OrtoPhones, Meze 99 Classic, Verisonix N500, Sennheiser HD630VB, two ZMF headphones and the HD800S. While the Meze and HD800S will probably be on peoples minds for a very long time I doubt the others will to the same degree. Speakers always […]

Buying Guidance For Headphones

Sound Quality: Audio quality in this category is good, substantially better than what you’d get out of your smartphone box. Headphones claiming to have balanced sound actually start delivering on those claim at this price point. However, for true neutrality, you should look at a budget that’s at least twice as much. Build Quality: Most of the […]