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Comfy, User-Friendly Bose SoundLink II Wireless Headphones Review

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The SoundLink II have the exact same design and materials as the QuietComfort 25. They’re both light and sturdy thanks to the use of aluminum and extra-high-quality plastic. They’re nonetheless very flexible and it’s almost not even an issue that the notched headband doesn’t fold in. The sliders are easy to adjust and sport artificial-suede padding. The removable ear pads are of similar quality and are made of thick, airy leatherette. The ear cups pivot so that you can wear the headphones more easily around your neck.

These really are comfortable headphones. They’re lightweight and provide generally the same wearing experience as the QuietComfort 25. The pressure points are well distributed and the headphones are just as good for large heads as they are for small one. They’re comfortable to wear even after long listening sessions and the passive isolation is pretty effective. A large, rigid carrying case comes in the box.

SoundLink II Wireless Headphones

The SoundLink II use a fairly rare 2.5mm audio jack for wired connections; we don’t really understand why Bose didn’t just use a common 3.5mm jack, which would have been much more practical should you ever need to replace the cord. The cable is short and thin and doesn’t have a remote control or an integrated microphone.

All of the controls are located on the right ear cup. There are three buttons on the side along with a multifunction button, plus two for the volume. The multifunction button is set a bit deeper into the cup, which makes it easier to feel without looking. There’s also a Bluetooth buttons and a micro-USB port for charging using an included USB cable.

SoundLink II Wireless Headphones

These are extremely easy headphones to use and there are clear, precise voice indications telling you everything you need to know, from the Bluetooth status to the battery percentage, and you can choose between eleven languages. There are two LED icons on the side that tell you quickly what the battery level and Bluetooth pairing status are.