Consumer Review Apple Earbuds

Consumer Review

Apple Apple Earbuds

By, Bethann J.


I know these are sort of bottom of the barrel when it comes to professional quality, but Apple Earbuds deserve a review anyway.

Like most of the world I have an iPhone. The the Apple earbuds that came standard with my iPhone 5 have been pretty good to me over the last 2 years.

My Likes

Like them or not, nobody can disagree with the fact that if it weren’t for Apple’s headphone designs, we wouldn’t have things like microphones and changer buttons in a small compact part of the phone.  I noticed that most new headphones have rubber tips, but these are made from a hard plastic and designed to fit anyone’s ears. They are wedge shaped so if you have a small ear or a large ear they will fit you. Previous versions of apple earbuds weren’t designed this way.

My Dislikes

I think that even though that they are “free” they are purchased with a $600 phone and could have a better sound quality to them. Apple has promised that they will be better when they are upgraded to the wireless ones for iPhone 7, but everything I read tells me otherwise. Beats audio is apparently crap and wired is always better than wireless. So these Apple earbuds will probably be the last good sounding thing the company ever makes.

While they could be better, the Apple earbuds are a lot of people’s standard for referencing sound quality. For that alone, you have to tip your hat to them.