Counterfeit Sennheiser Headphones on Ebay – Beware of Online Deals

When it comes to buying new headphones we all want to find the best deal. But finding the best price can sometimes get you in trouble. Online sellers are not always authorized to sell new headphones from certain manufacturers but they do it anyway. On top of that, the small print might reveal a used or refurbished headphone when you think you’re buying new. But the most disappointing purchase of all is when buyers take a chance with unknown sellers and end up getting counterfeit headphones.

We recently encountered one of these items purchased online via Ebay and wanted to share an “authentic looking” knock-off so you don’t get burned. Our customer was originally in the store but wanted to shop around online to find a better price. They ended up getting one from a seller on Ebay. When the customer came into the store with the earphone we confirmed their worst fears. The Sennheiser IE-800 they bought was a fake. The sound was not the same even though the earphone looked real. Let’s take a look at this fake item we’ll give you a few tips on how to avoid making the same mistake.

Counterfeit Sennheiser Headphones on Ebay

The Sennheiser IE-800 is one of the most sought after in-ear headphones for it’s sound quality and build. The ergonomic design and distortion free bass response of this incredible IEM makes it one of the best in-ear headphones in the world. The MSRP for this high-quality IEM is $799 and audiophiles understandably want to get the best price possible when putting down this kind of money for a headphone. But buying the IE-800 “the cheapest” price online can get you a fake item like this one we encountered with a recent customer who purchased a Sennheiser IE-800 from Ebay.

You’ll notice it looks just like the real thing. After further examination we determined that it was likely an original box and case but the earphone itself was definitely a fake. Although it looks very close to the actual Sennheiser IE-800 the logo isn’t as clear as an original and the sound totally gave it away. The fake wasn’t nearly as good sounding as the original Sennheiser IE-800. And that’s the whole reason to buy a nice headphone in the first place!

How To Avoid Buying Counterfeit Headphones

There’s some simple steps you can take to make sure you don’t get burned buying any new headphones. Finding great deals is still possible if you follow these simple guidelines.

  • Buy from an authorized dealer (you’ll get a manufacturer warranty)
  • Don’t buy used or refurbished headphones (look for the fine print)
  • If the price is too good to be true… it is
  • Look for the serial number

From Ebay to Amazon, there are tons of fake, grey market, used and refurbished headphones from unscrupulous sellers. Going directly to an authorized dealer’s store or website is always the best option. Most high-end headphones have a serial number which is hidden from plain view. For example, some manufacturers like Focal have it underneath the earcup of their over-ear headphones. And if the price is too good to be true, something’s wrong.

Most headphone stores price match against other authorized dealers and are happy to give the best price possible. Audio46 is one of those stores. We’re authorized dealers for Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Grado, Beyerdynamic and dozens of other popular manufacturers. We literally have hundreds of headphone models in-stock every day. In fact we have the largest headphone selection in New York. And the best thing about Audio46 is you can try almost any headphone before you buy. We personally guide you to find the perfect headphone for your needs. All our headphones are new and come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll never have to worry about buying counterfeit items and we have the best prices.

Whichever outlet you choose, do your homework and look out for sketchy online sellers with no reputation or feedback. Follow our simple tips and you’ll have a better headphone shopping experience.

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Many manufacturers will have detailed guides to spotting counterfeit goods on their website, Sennheiser is one of them.


If you believe that you have received counterfeit goods, it is best to contact the manufacture of the goods as well as the hosting platform that you purchased them from. This will ensure that if they are fake, the companies indirectly involved can take immediate action against the counterfeiters.