Dunu Titan 5 Earphones – Groundbreaking Sound, Amazing Price

Dunu is a relatively unknown brand to many but their earphones have garnered quite a bit of praise from audiophile critics worldwide. The Dunu Titan 5 earphone is a mid-priced earphone by Dunu that looks pretty cool and promises to deliver high-fidelity sound. So is it possible for an earphone that costs less than $150 to really sound like a high-end IEM that would normally be twice the price? Let’s listen and find out.

Dunu Titan 5 Earphones Review



The Dunu Titan 5 earphone comes with everything you need to get a perfect fit and store your earphone in between uses. Inside the box is the Titan 5 Earphone, 1 detachable cable with 1/8″ plug, 6-sets of silicone eartips, 1-set of in-ear stabilizers, a cable clip, a 1/4″ adapter and a really nice storage case. The storage case is small enough you can fit it in your pocket. It’s an incredible package for the price.


Design / Style

The Titan 5 Earphone housing is constructed of a beautiful stainless steel making it one of the most durable in-ear headphones you’ll ever own. The audio cable is sturdy and has no inline controls for smartphones. Dunu opted rather for optimal sound by bypassing additional electronics in the signal flow. The detachable cable is a handy feature as even the most high-end wires can eventually wear out and replacing the entire earphone isn’t necessary. Overall this earphone will last you a very long time.


The Titan 5 fits snugly in the ear canal with the main portion of the housing sitting in the inner-ear. With 6-sets of eartips you can find the perfect fit and get a proper seal which will give you the best sound. The comfort level on the Titan 5 is really nice. It’s not too bulky yet has enough room for a decent sized driver.

Dunu Titan 5 in-ear headphones with nano class T-diaphram dynamic drivers.
Dunu Titan 5 in-ear headphones with nano class T-diaphram dynamic drivers.

Features and Specifications

The Titan 5 earphone is packed with features and impressive specs.

  • 13-33 nano class T-diaphragm dynamic drivers
  • 1.2m (4ft) detachable  cable
  • 316 L stainless steel housing
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • 10Hz – 40kHz frequency range
  • 32 Ohms impedance
  • 108dB sensitivity
  • 3.5mm (1/8″) gold plated plug



Sound Signature

Every headphone has a specific sound signature and the Titan 5 has one of the most desirable sound signatures of in-ear headphones. The Titan 5 boasts a wide frequency range from 10Hz to 40kHz and it definitely delivers a nice amount of presence and clarity on the high-end of the frequency spectrum. But it’s the bass that most earphones lack. The Titan 5 earphone however has an unprecedented amount of bass. In fact the Dunu Titan 5 has incredible bass compared to any other earphone in the same price range. Combined with the clarity and definition in the high frequencies you won’t find any other earphone with this level of sound quality.


To sum it up, the Dunu Titan 5 in-ear headphone is one of the best sounding earbud style headphones for the price. Dunu has managed to pack incredible clarity and bass that will blow you mind into a small stainless steel housing that fits discreetly and comfortably in the ear. It’s definitely one of the best earphones our staff has come across in a long time. Come by Audio46 in Midtown Manhattan to see the full line of Dunu earphones or shop online at the Dunu Headphone Store at Audio46.

The Dunu Titan 5 in-ear headphone has incredible clarity and bass frequency response.
The Dunu Titan 5 in-ear headphone has incredible clarity and bass frequency response.