Final Audio Sonorous VI Headphone Review

Like many high-end audio companies, Final Audio got their start back in the 70’s with cartridge design for turntables. Fast-forward to 2017 and Final Audio is a well known brand name in top of the line consumer audio products. The Final Audio headphones are some of the finest looking headphones on the market today. The Final Audio Sonorous VI closed-back headphone is one of the finest headphones of it’s kind. So let’s take a look at the specs, features and listen to see what this sophisticated headphone has to offer.

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Final Audio Sonorous VI Headphone Review

In The Box

You don’t need much in the way of accessories to really wow a headphone fan. The Sonorous VI headphone comes carefully packaged along with a very nice 1/8″ audio cable that’s split to bring left & right audio directly to the ears at the same time. You’ll also get a 1/4″ adapter for pro-audio and stereo equipment.


The Sonorous VI is a solid piece of gear. The stainless steel housing is a work of art as well as a durable structure that keeps the shape and integrity of this headphone intact. This is definitely the kind of headphone intended to keep for a lifetime.

The Final Audio Sonorous VI is a folding headphone which is really a blessing. Many headphones that fold for easy transport tend to get loose and compromise the fit of the headphone. That being said, all you need is a nice hard case and the Sonorous VI headphone can be as portable as you need it to be.

Comfort Level
The Sonorous VI is definitely one of the most comfortable headphones you’ll ever use. It is a bit weighty though but not unreasonably so. The earpads and headband are blissfully soft like a new memory foam bed. Wearing this headphone for long periods of time would be no problem for most. Very nice indeed.

SONOROUSVI_driver technology


Sound Signature
The Sonorous VI has premium parts inside and out. The 55mm neodymium drivers have an unusually clean sound. This 8 Ohm headphone is set for premium listening from low-output devices and can give a little more with a small amplifier. The sound signature reveals there’s possibly something interesting going on inside the headphone whether by using dampening materials or technical tweaks on the drivers. It’s sounds crisp from top to bottom and also delightfully rounded. Much like the sound of a planar magnetic driver.

The bass is full and precise. I’m not sure if it’s simply the size of the drivers, the high quality materials used but the Sonorous VI manages to get clean and accurate bass response without feeling like it’s on the verge of distortion.

The mid-range on the Sonorous VI headphone is interesting. It hits well and with an articulation that most headphones don’t come close to. Vocals, guitars and other mid-range frequencies step forward in the mix a bit instead of playing a passive role to a sea of drowning bass. The mids also get some sort of mysterious treatment that dampens and smooths out the harshness that can get exhausting in those frequencies.

The high frequency response is similar to the mids. They’re present and precise. The top end does not get lost in the mix. They play out crisp and clear but with that same rounding feel like it’s running through a tube amplifier to warm up the sound. Interesting and delightful indeed.

The Sonorous VI has a decent amount of soundstage for a closed back headphone. The combination of having the drivers sit off the ear and frequency manipulation gives it a pleasant amount of soundstage. Of course it’s no match for a real open-back headphone but that’s to be expected.

Sound Pressure Level
Sound Pressure is no problem on the Sonorous VI headphone. At 8 Ohms you’ve got the freedom to push this headphone to it’s limits of 105dB. Finding distortion near peak levels wasn’t impossible but again this felt like the sound of a planar in the sense that it quite accurately recreates the frequencies as intended with a pleasant soft touch.

Final Audio Sonorous VI Headphones at Audio46 New York
Final Audio Sonorous VI Headphones at Audio46 New York

Review Summary

Looking at all the features, design, build, comfort and most of all sound on the Sonorous VI it’s easy to say this is a top-notch headphone. It’s comfortable to wear and has a really unique sound signature that is pleasant as well as mysterious. It’s a little bit bulky for an every day headphone but this it’s really designed for premium home listening anyway. The intended function of this headphone is anything from getting great sounding audio from smartphones, portable players and will make anything from mp3 to FLAC. It’s sure to be a treat for every day music listeners as well as audiophiles. Overall, the Final Audio Sonorous VI is sophisticated, durable and great sound. Definitely in a headphone category all it’s own. It even received the Gold Award from MajorHiFi.


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Sonorous VI headphone 1

Sonorous VI headphone 2

Sonorous VI headphone 3


Housing: Stainless Steel / ABS
Driver: Dynamic driver + Balanced Armature driver
SPL: 105dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Cable length: 1.5m
Weight: 1.06 lbs