Giveaway: Beyerdynamic DT770PRO – 250Ohm

Disclaimer: Beyerdynamic was so nice to donate one unit of the DT770Pro for this giveaway. Beyerdynamic isn’t a site advertiser.



Headfonia loves the DT770PRO, we reported that way back already in November of 2012 when Beyerdynamic released their Limited Anniversary Edition of this sublime headphone. The DT770Pro quickly became the most recommended headphone on Headfonia which isn’t a surprise as it sounds great, looks perfect, is built like a tank and it’s very cheap. Not only we like the good old DT770Pro, it’s a headphone that has received world wide praise from a whole number of renowned industry experts and reviewers.

You can find our full review of the 32Ohm AE model right here:




A few weeks ago I promised to do a giveaway of the DT770PRO as soon as our Facebook and Instagram hit 10.000 and 2000 followers. That happened sooner than expected and well here we are. This is your chance to win a free Beyerdynamic DT770PRO 250Ohm on Headfonia. The giveaway is worldwide and can be entered by anyone older than 18. Do note that the giveaway unit is the 250Ohm model and not the 32Ohm model featured in the pictures and the above mentioned review.

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