GRADO GH2 Limited Edition Headphone Review

Brooklyn based Grado Labs is one of the hottest names in audiophile open-back headphones these days. Their most recent line of headphones is the Heritage Series which are designed with totally new backing materials. The second headphone in the Heritage Series, the GH2 Limited Edition, is at Audio46 and we’re excited to run it through an extended listening session and give this cool looking headphone a full review. Here’s what we came up with.

GRADO GH2 Limited Edition Headphone Review

Handmade Build

Grado has a signature design format that’s worked well for them since the inception of their first pair of headphones. These handmade headphones have a trendy classic look and the GH2 Limited edition keeps in this tradition. The slick leather headband, foam earpads and classic post style earpad adjustments are similar to most Grado headphones but with slightly nicer materials.

The thing that sets the GH2 headphone apart in sound and design is the cocobolo wood backing. This very fine and expensive wood is key to the soundstage and frequency response. In addition to the cocobolo wood back, the Grado GH2 Limited Edition uses UHPLC copper voice coil for premium sound delivery. Everything about this headphone emits class and elegance.

Grado owners know that their headphones are designed for combined style and comfort. The padded leather headband and classic foam earpads make for a light yet comfortable fit for almost all listeners.

Grado Labs GH2 Limited Edition Headphone


The bass on the Grado GH2 is strong and moving. The open-back design allows the low-frequencies to breathe and don’t get trapped in the headphone.

The mid-range in the GH2 is splendid. Jazz, classic rock and symphonic music comes alive with the full dynamic range of the GH2. And the cocobolo wood backing warms up the frequencies in a way that makes music feel like a toasty fire on a cold day.

Grado does an excellent job at crystal clear high-frequencies that don’t exhaust the ear but rather excite the senses. The top-end of 28,000 Hz comes through with shining colors.

Open-back headphones are made for soundstage and the Grado GH2 Limited Edition delivers. The combination of copper voice-coils, cocobolo wood and metal grating on the open back design translate to a fun and exciting soundstage.

Final Review

The Grado GH2 Limited Edition open-back headphone is one of their best creations yet. From the handmade design to the premium materials, Grado has hit a home-run with the GH2. Audiophiles interested in brightening up their home listening experience with a decent amount of soundstage with warm and toasty tones really must try a pair if these classy headphones. Come by Audio46 or shop online at and get a pair of these highly sought after Limited Edition headphones today.

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Grado Labs GH2 Limited Edition Headphone with cocobolo wood backing
Grado Labs GH2 Limited Edition Headphone with cocobolo wood backing


Transducer Type: Dynamic
Operating Principle: Open Air
Frequency Response: 14 – 28,000 hz
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
Nominal Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver Matched dB: .05 dB
Vented diaphragm
Cocobolo air chamber
UHPLC copper voice coil
HPlC copper connecting cable