Audio46 Headphone And Pet Picture Giveaway

Audio46 Will post the photos as they come to our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

We would like to see your best pets and headphone pics. The pets do not need to be wearing the headphones!Regardless of the pet, we are asking you to pose them with headphones.Audio46 is having yet another headphone giveaway.

Please note ALL photographs will be cropped to a square for optimized viewing on social media
We will then allow the public to vote on the semi finalists. The contestant with the highest voting score will win.Audio will narrow the selections down to semifinalists.

  • The semi-finalists will be selected Friday, September 23rd, 2016.
  • The winner will be selected Friday, September 30th, 2016.


  • The photograph must be original and unpublished(even on your own social media or website)
  • The name of the pet and make of the headphones.
  • A title for the photograph

If you are a minor We will need written consent from your parent or or Guardian to use your image and for you to receive the prize.You may do some retouching to the pictures, if you wish.
All contestants, Must provide us with their name, age, and location with each entry. If selected as a winner, you will be required to answer a questioner and provide us with a photograph to claim this prize.


Audio46 is not responsible for any harm that may come to you or your pet in the process of taking this photograph.

Contestants are limited to one photograph and it must include an actual living pet.
(please note: Snapchat dog-face filters, imaginary pets, and pet rocks, do not count as pets)

Audio46 is vehemently against the harming of animals.  Any photograph submission that we feel displays harm will be omitted from this contest, and the proper authorities will be contacted.