HeadRoom Audio Gets a New Website – and A Cosmic Surprise!


Greetings HeadRoom and Headphone.com Friends!

As many of you may already know, we’ve had a schizophrenic 25-year history operating as both a designer/product manufacturer – HeadRoom Audio – and as an online headphone ecommerce retailer –  headphone.com.

Today, we’re gonna begin to straighten up and organize ’cause we have some big news to share with you.

Announcing our brand-new website HeadRoomAudio.com.

HeadRoom Audio.com is the new home of all our HeadRoom-manufactured products, like the just-released HeadRoom Standard headphone amp, the first new amp design we’ve made in nearly a decade. 

And to really kick off our new HeadRoom Audio website with a universe-level Big Bang, we would like to introduce (loud trumpet fanfare and fireworks) – The HeadRoom Cosmic Headphone !

Yes, folks – you read that right. 

After 25 years of reviewing and listening to everyone else’s headphones, we finally realized we can do it better at a lower cost.

So began three long years of painstaking audio engineering research we spent traveling all over the globe in search of the perfect headphone sound.

Design iteration after design iteration found the HeadRoom Cosmic headphone getting closer and closer to that ephemeral ‘ideal’ tone we had in our heads: a beautifully uncolored, deeply dynamic, intensely musical presentation geared for the discerning ears of studio producers, audiophiles and true music lovers.

The HeadRoom Cosmic headphone is a full size sealed-back planar magnetic design featuring custom HeadRoom-engineered 70mm drivers built from scratch. The Cosmic offers our new ‘SweetSpot’ tuning technology that places you in the center of the music like you were right there at the recording session or sitting in the most acoustically perfect seat at the show. And did we mention the Cosmic is a classically stylish headphone outfitted in real tonewood earcups, soft plush padding and the longest 5-year product warranty in the industry? Yep, it’s all true!

And now the HeadRoom Cosmic headphone experience is sooo tantalizingly close!

Our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the HeadRoom Cosmic headphone will help us generate the last bit of funding we need to secure expensive rarefied parts available only in large quantities as well as upgrade our manufacturing set-ups for high-quality Cosmic headphone production at our in-house facility.

Our Kickstarter drive will also give you a chance to get in early on some awesomely killer savings in advance of the Cosmic headphone general public release.

Please keep checking back as we develop varied levels of support (*TBD!) for the brand-new HeadRoom Cosmic headphone.

And, yes, we’re still based a few miles from Yellowstone National Park in lovely southern Montana, so rest assured all HeadRoom Audio products remain 100% designed and manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA by the same team of obsessed headphone geeks you’ve come to know and love since 1992.

We wanted to say once again we could not have come this far without your amazing and dedicated support over the past 25 years. THANK YOU!  We hope you’ll join us in our new endeavor to manufacture the best headphone you’ve heard – The HeadRoom Cosmic Headphone.