Pets With Headphones Photo Contest Winner

Audio46 is pleased to announce the winner of our Pets With Headphones Contest is…

Charice W. From Illinois
casey-jonesCharice is a 28 year old teacher who’s interests include ice skating, The New Girl, and pop music.  Like a lot of America, she cant seem to get The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” out of her head. Charice has told us that she eventually hopes to open up her own tutoring business where she can jam out to her favorite band, Blink 182, while shaping the next generation of Americans.


Charice was voted as the winner, for her picture of her 10 year old poodle, Casey Jones, wearing RCA headphones. Casey enjoys walks in the park, Chasing mailmen, and playing with tennis balls.


Congratulations Clarice We hope that you (and Casey Jones) Enjoy you MEE Audio M6 Pro