Review: Effect Audio Mars Leonidas

Effect audio – High End IEM Cables


Effect Audio is an aftermarket cable company located in Singapore that over the last few years has grown from a starter to one of the tone setters in the sector. Their “About Us” covers their story.

The cables we will be looking at today are two of their high-end IEM cables: The Mars and The Leonidas.


The Mars cable has been with me for over a year or so already and it is one of my favorite cables with the Vision Ears VE5 that I reviewed exactly one year ago. It is part of Effect Audio’s Premium Series.

 “The Mars is a gold plated OCC Silver cable and it is designed and built exclusively by Effect Audio. It is made up of UPOCC“GPS” – Gold Plated Silver. The base core used in UPOCC is 5N purity Silver that ensures great smoothness and detail in performance. With the addition of the gold plating, it helps to reduce the skin effect significantly. As the flagship product of Effect Audio, we are maintaining our perfectionist mentality in regards to our craftsmanship, only the best quality MundorfSUPREME(Silver+Gold) solder is used.”

Mars 1

Gold plated silver doesn’t come cheap and the Mars starts at $999USD. It has a gold-like color.


The Leonidas is one of the latest additions to the Effect audio Line-up and it is part of their Heritage series. It seems the Leonidas at this moment still is in pre-order phase.

“Leonidas is the first product in the newly announced Heritage Series. It’s a completely different approach to our usual methods of crafting cables. Using scarce materials and new designs , it’s a cable in pursuit of the ultimate sound quality. Leonidas pairs especially well with warm and full sounding IEMs, taking them into unprecedented heights“.



– Custom Made-To-Order Cable Materials*
– Individually isolating enamel stranded**
– Multi Bundles Litz woven**
– Golden ratio of Ultra Purity Gold Silver Hybrid
– Mundorf Supreme Gold Solder
– Reworked Insulation***
– Customized exquisite case

 *Regular UPOCC Cable materials wouldn’t satisfy us anymore, nor can it offer the specific sound that we’re trying to achieve. In the adventure of researching Leonidas, we went from using UPOCC to completely redesigning a unique custom cable make up.

**Using the accredited woven Litz wiring technique and individually enameled strands, along with our works with Mars, we have successfully and significantly reduced and eliminated the dreaded skin effect & proximity effect.

The Leonidas is a little less expensive than the Mars cable and prices start at $799, it has a more silver-like color.

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