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Review Rock Jaw Kommand Hybrid IEM: a clever mix of balanced armature and dynamic drivers in one earbud

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We’re big fans of Rock Jaw’s sub-£50 headphones, especially the Alfa Genus with its interchangeable filters. Here’s our review of the enthusiast-level Kommand Hybrid IEM.  Anyone who knows anything about headphones can tell you the difference between balanced armature and dynamic drivers. Typically headphones use one or the other but not both. Each has its pros and cons, with balanced armature delivering excellent detail and clarity for high frequencies and dynamic drivers offering better bass and warmth for mid-tones.

Rock Jaw Kommand Hybrid IEM

That’s why Rock Jaw has gone for an 8mm dynamic driver as well balanced armature in its flagship Kommand IEM. IEM is another headphone acronym, which stands for in-ear monitor. They’re just ear buds to everyone else.  As well as their hybrid nature, they also have interchangeable filters just like the Alfa Genus. You get three sets of screw-in components which change the characteristics of the sound.

Rock Jaw Kommand Hybrid IEM

By default the silver ‘bass’ filters are installed. These enhance low frequencies but, unlike with the Alfa Genus, not at the expense of treble clarity. If you prefer a neutral sound which doesn’t favour low or highs, the champagne coloured filters might be the ones you use most of the time.