Review: SIMGOT EN700 BASS – Red is the new black

Disclaimer: The Simgot EN700 BASS was sent to us free of charge directly from the factory. It doesn’t need to be returned and SIMGOT is also testing bannering on HFN.



I hadn’t heard of SIMGOT until they released the EN700 universal IEM a while ago. Their website doesn’t share a lot of information on who  exactly they are and we can only find that SIMGOT means “Simple and elegant”, that they were founded in 2015 and that they only trust the finest product and perfect service. Like Cayin they have the weirdest slogan:


“Salute to art and science”



The SIMGOT EN700 BASS is the successor of their successful EN700 model and it only features one N50 moving coil driver. Its sensitivity is 101dB at 1kHz and it has an impedance of 16Ohm.

I simply love the way the EN700 (Bass) looks: the units are small and the grill screams sexy. I chose the red version as I like it most at the moment. Red is the FOTM, that’s for sure. Fiio, Cayin, Apple, they’re all into red. If you’re not then you can also get an Ink, black or blue version. The finish of the EN700Bass is soft and the paint job is smooth. SIMGOT has an eye for detail and the units are perfectly finished and feel sturdy. The 3.5mm connecter even came with a protective plastic tube cover The earpieces are not the lightest as the shells are in metal but the weight doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

The SIMGOT EN700 BASS is rather small in size and it fits my ears quite well. SIMGOT made sure they would fit and they tested their IEMs on a lot of test subjects. The earwax filter looks really nice but do keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get congested. There’s a vent on the inside of the units to release the built up pressure from the driver. All in all the SIMGOT EN700 BASS is very well built and very comfy to wear, even for longer periods. Isolation is pretty darn good if I may say so. You can ask my colleagues who unsuccessfully keep knocking on my door to get my attention.

The OFC braided 400D DuPont Kevlar cable with the memory hook works well (yes it’s an over ear worn IEM) and it doesn’t suffer from any microphonics. Everything (even the box) screams quality and that for only $109USD, very remarkable. The only thing I’m missing is a slider on the cable to make the cable stay tighter under your chin.

The SIMGOT EN700 BASS comes in a nice box and has a basic set of accessories. Included in the box are a gorgeous leather pouch with the logo on the front and the SIMGOT slogan on the back, a Velcro cable binder, a cleaning brush, a warranty, a manual, a VIP Card and 2 x 3 sets of silicone tips. Not bad for a $109USD universal IEM. Not bad at all, especially the leather pouch.


SIMGOT unlike other companies doesn’t use a filter system to adapt the EN700 BASS’sound signature but they simply get the result by using tips that deliver extra bass. SIMGOT included two different sets with their own characteristics, I’ve seen these sets in grey, black and some kind of red, so don’t be worried if your set looks different from ours. You can chose between:

SET 1: Powerful mid-high frequency. High resolution and penetration. Crystal clear sound.

SET 2: Enhanced bass and superior listening comfort. Outstanding attenuation of ambient sibilance. Neutral and bass-driven sound.

The tips are positioned on a harder type of paper and I wish they would have gone for a more durable solution like RHA has with their metal “organizers”. After a few tip switches the tip holder has already torn off. It’s quite remarkable though how the changing of the tips influences the sound you’re getting from these IEMs. It’s not a surprise of course, as we all know the slightest of change has an impact on sound, but the result is remarkable.

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