Sennheiser PXC 480 Noise-Cancelling Headphone Review

Sennheiser PXC 480 Noise-Cancelling Headphone Review

Sennheiser recently released their latest line of noise-cancelling headphones engineered specifically for frequent travelers in need of a high-fidelity over-ear headphone. The PXC 480 is the wired and slightly paired down version of the popular wireless PXC 550 model. But what are the real differences and features in the PXC 480 and is it worth the savings in price? Let’s find out.

First of all the Sennheiser PXC 480 is essentially the same headphone as the PXC 550 with a few functional differences. They have exactly the same body style and share the same luxurious padding on the ears and headband for comfort. And like the 550 the PXC 480 features a folding design and comes with a handy carrying case. The beauty of the PXC 480 however comes in the simple one-switch design to engage the noise cancelling. On the right earcup you’ll find the on/off switch that will turn the noise-cancelling on. This switch also has another position in which you can monitor outside noise and conversations. This will essentially interrupt everything including your music so you can hear overhead announcements from your pilot, flight attendant or even carry on a short conversation without ever taking off the headphone.

While the PXC 550 has 2 noise-cancelling modes the Sennheiser PXC has only 1 mode which is all most people really need. And the noise-cancelling on the PXC 480 works incredibly well. It’s really one of those things you have to hear to appreciate. On the 550 you get 3 audio listening modes (Club, Music and Speech) for different listening situations. The PXC 480 does not have this feature but it’s really more of a “listening luxury” rather than a must have option.

The Sennheiser PXC 480 is still a powerful high-fidelity headphone on it’s own. For example, using the noise-cancelling on the 480 does not require it to be plugged in to any source. If you simply want a quiet journey exempt from ambient noise, just flip on the noise-cancelling and enjoy the silence.

When it’s wired, the PXC 480 delivers pristine sound with that signature punchy low end that Sennheiser headphone users love. And the mid to high frequencies are perfectly clear. The sound will definitely satisfy the most choosy of audiophiles. The inline smartphone control works with any device whether, iPhone, Android or otherwise. You can play and pause tracks as well as answer calls with a simple touch of the button. And the inline microphone ensures the best quality sounding phone calls as you go about your day. The only function you won’t get is volume control but setting volume from your source device is typically no big deal.

One last thing that makes the Sennheiser PXC 480 noise-cancelling headphone so great is the up-to 50 hour battery life. With only a 3-hour charge you can nearly 50-hours of usage out of this high-fidelity headphone. And you don’t need any charge to use the PXC 480 passively without noise-cancelling. Simply plug in the cable and listen to anything from your mobile device or laptop.

Overall, the Sennheiser PXC 480 noise-cancelling headphone is one of the most comfortable and great sounding headphones in it’s price range. Perfect for travelers and commuters on the go. Check it out and judge for yourself in our online store Audio46 or at our shop in Manhattan.




Impedance: 18 Ω
Frequency response: 17 – 23000 Hz
Sound pressure level: (SPL) 109 dB (1kHz/1Vrms)
THD, total harmonic distortion: <0.5% (1kHz/100dB)
Ear coupling: Circumaural
Charging time: 3 hours (full charge)
Operating time: Up to 50 hours