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V-MODA ZN In-Depth Review 2016

  Zn is V-MODA’s first in ear headphone in over four years. Isn’t that exciting? The name Zn is derived from zinc alloy metal, whose chemical symbol is Zn. V-MODA has made these earphones from a very rare zinc based alloy and these have been made in very limited production – only 25000 units! Zn […]

2016 Review: Beyerdynamic DT1770PRO – The Upgrade

    sclaimer: We’ve received The Beyerdynamic DT1770PRO directly from Beyerdynamic in Germany. Beyerdynamic is not a site advertiser and the pictures in this review are from Beyerdynamic, except those with the HFN watermark. Beyerdynamic The German Beyerdynamic recently has been renewing their existing line-up with a rev 2 of their existing best-sellers like the […]