The New HeadRoom Audio Standard Amp – THANK YOU Pre-Order Customers!

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Our Long National Wait Is Over! (no, not the election)

We are overjoyed to announce the new HeadRoom Audio Standard Amp started shipping Monday October 31, 2016 to our Pre-Order customers.

Thank you from the bottom of of our HeadRoom Audio hearts for your amazing support.

The next production batch of our HeadRoom Audio Standard headphone amp is in process now and should be available to ship your way within 6 weeks of placing your order.

So if you’ve not scored your Standard yet, please order now to get in for the next shipment. Our expert Montana manufacturing team is working overtime to get the Standard Amp heading your way as soon as possible!

Rest assured this is just the beginning. With you standing by our side, we have lots more great HeadRoom Audio stuff coming in 2017 that will totally knock your socks off.

Thank you again to each and every one of our early adopters for your fervent support. We could not have done it without you. We love you.