V-MODA ZN In-Depth Review 2016


Zn is V-MODA’s first in ear headphone in over four years. Isn’t that exciting? The name Zn is derived from zinc alloy metal, whose chemical symbol is Zn. V-MODA has made these earphones from a very rare zinc based alloy and these have been made in very limited production – only 25000 units!

Zn has got the signature V-MODA sound and is portable enough to put in your pocket. V-MODA’s Zn are really made for someone looking for a serious high end pair of in-ear earphones. They are priced at Rs. 13990/-

V-MODA calls its audience the modern audiophile, that’s a perfect name to give people who are looking for versatile yet fun sounding pair of in ears. V-MODA Zn looks absolutely fantastic with its sculptural detailing everywhere. V-MODA’s trademark design philosophy is very creatively applied with these in ear earphones. Zn feels very rugged and durable. V-MODA makes them with a patented casting process allowing them to make very complex shapes from liquid zinc alloys.

Keeping the durability in mind, Zn’s cables remain tangle free in use, although they are not detachable. It comes with an in-line mic and remote which can be used with android and iOS devices. The V-MODA Zn is comfortable and very easy to wear. They can be worn over the ear with the help of the earhooks and that makes them absolutely unique. The earhooks are called ActiveFlex™ and are great for use in the gym or while going on the run.


In the box, you will find bunch of accessories, four pairs of silicone earphone tips and a pretty looking leather pouch. You can use them with a pair of Comply™ Foam earphone tips.  They are comfortable and will help in blocking the outside sound. The 500 series will work great with the Zn. V-MODA Zn also comes with two options for an in-line mic and remote. A three button controller for iOS devices and one button controller for android devices.

In terms of sound, V-MODA Zn has a very detailed and accurate sound. But the trademark V-MODA punch is added to it. V-MODA uses an 8mm dynamic driver and also puts in a custom made acoustic filter, which makes the sound detailed and vibrant. V-MODA calls these the ‘gate-keepers of golden acoustics’.

The bass response that V-MODA is known for is right here in these in-ear earphones. These in ears are appealing to both audiophiles and somebody who just wants a little bit of bass in their music everyday. Zn has a pretty low impedance at 16 ohms so they don’t need an external amplifier to drive them. These earphones should work well with almost all smartphones.

If you use them with a really nice high resolution audio player like the FiiO X5, that will bring out the best in these earphones and offer richness and detailing in the sound output. Comparing V-MODA Zn to a few other alternatives at a similar price point of Rs. 15000, the first one you should consider is the RHA T10i. RHA is from Scotland and the T10i are a great sounding pair of in-ear headphones. Like the Zn, the T10is are extremely durable and well built. They have a unique ability to customize the sound with the help of tuning filters. But the bass response is certainly not as good that of V-MODA.

If you consider spending a little more money, upgrade yourself to the RHA T20i. These earphones unlike the T10is have a Dual Coil Dynamic Driver. That adds a lot of richness and detail in the sound.