Wayback Wednesday: The Beyerdynamic DT770

After our successful “Favourite album of” series it is time for something else, something kind of new but not completely. Nathan and I have been wanting to do this for a while already but we never found the time. Up to now that is.

The new series is called the “Wayback Wednesday” and each Wednesday we’ll be looking back at a unit we tested and reviewed in the past. Are we still using it? Do we still feel the same about it? How has the competition reacted? Is it still a recommended buy? All these and a whole bunch of other questions will be answered each Wednesday in this new mini-article series.

The first headphone to get the honour is the Beyerdynamic DT770. Mike and myself did a double review of it way back in November 2012 and I still vividly remember writing that review. Five years after Beyerdynamic launched the headphone, I think it’s safe to say the DT770 has become a classic already.

I get asked very regularly if I still use the DT770 and I absolutely do. Most of the time I use it in the office but it’s also the headphone I took with me to the US a few weeks ago for watching movies on the plane and to listen to music to.  It’s also my wife’s favorite headphone and she can choose any headphone out of my collection. I still think it’s a great sounding headphone (I’m using the velour pads) and with the price it is going for it still is an absolute steal. I still advise using an external amplifier with it to get the very best result – preferably a tube amp -, but the DT770 does pair nicely with several sources, straight from the headphone out.

If there’s one thing I could change right now – five years after I first listened to the DT770 – I might choose to add a little more body to the mids but at the same time, the slightly more V-shaped presentation makes this a real Beyer headphone. The DT770 originally cost around €150/$200 and it can be bought nowadays for only €139/ $150, so especially the US price got reduced. I still without hesitation recommend buying one new or second hand, this is a headphone that’s here to stay.

Full review is below, just one click away. As you can see these headphone is incredibly popular within the community as well, the review generated over 600 comments!


The Beyerdynamic We Love: DT770 Anniversary Edition