Will iPhone 12 come with EarPods wired earphones?

Apple possess a track record of earning questionable moves for music lovers with their devices. Back in 2016 they alarmed the world by announcing the iPhone 7 wouldn’t more have a headset jack, leaving millions of headphone users dismayed and thousands of party hosts quietly pleased the jack could not be stolen and used for any passerby’s music.
Fortunately they included their own EarPods that use a lightning link, so iPhone users could still listen to sound even though not with their old headphones. But it looks like Apple might not even include EarPods anymore, in a bid to drive sales of the incredibly popular wireless AirPods.
New AirPods are on the way but will not start until next year so it’s thought that, if this is the case, Apple will offer some massive discounts on AirPods to soften the blow. However it leaves new iPhone users without, what’s become, a staple with fresh devices — particularly when they do not work with a more universal alternative: the 3.5mm jack. Kuo predicted a year ago that in 2021 Apple would move towards an iPhone with no vents at all. He reckons that they will want to”supply the wireless experience” utilizing wireless earphones like AirPods for music and wireless charging.
Whilst wireless technologies is all well and good, it hinders something which I find very important: using my cellphone to play audio on stereos/speakers. Together with the lightning port you can at least use an adaptor to get a jack link. I suppose that with the rise of Smart Speakers and also an emphasis on Bluetooth maybe traditional aux relations will be from the minority in a few years.


However, if those rumours are true the iPhone 12 is going to be the first version not to come with a set of earphones to listen through. There’s no way they’ll begin bundling AirPods as they’re expensive, so maybe this is the ending of an era of getting absolutely free earphones with your iPhones.