You could win Free headphones for reviewing a product on our page!

Do you like FREE Stuff?

Audio46 will be giving away headphones to selected people who review one of the many products that we have on our page.


But, wait Audio46 I’m not an audiophile.

That’s ok. We want well written consumer reviews for the products that we carry. If you aren’t an audiophile and don’t understand the terminology in a review, would you read it anyway? Probably not. No matter what your background is within the realm of all things audio, we appreciate feedback about the products that we sell.


So, Audio46 I’m going to have to be a negative Nancy about this review… Is that ok?

Well, we are not encouraging you all to write strongly worded letters condemning products, but the public has a right to know if you are dissatisfied with a product. Keep in mind that we are a family friendly website, so any harsh words about a product should be expressed with “family friendly language”.


I want to review a product that I bought it from another store, is that ok?

It is completely fine to review a product that you purchased from another store. We would however, like most of these reviews to be about the products that we carry.

So why should I review a product for your website?

Well, aside from the fact that every time you review something on our site, you are instantly entered to win one of several monthly awarded headphones as a prize, you should also do it to give back to the community.


How do I know if I won a prize?

We will contact you via the email that you provided when you submitted your work.


Does it cost anything to enter?

No, our contests and giveaways are 100% FREE and all products ship to you for FREE!


If I’ve entered before can I enter again?

Unlike our giveaway contests where you are only permitted to make 1 submission, there is no limit on the number of products that you can review for these giveaways.

Additionally, product reviews are treated independently from our giveaway contests so you may enter our contests, and also review a product or two to increase your chances to win free stuff.


Is there any restrictions that I should know about?

Unfortunately there are some restrictions to these giveaways. Due to the cost of shipping, only United States residents are allowed to qualify for prizes.

We would like the reviews to provide enough information to help fellow potential shoppers make a decision on there purchasing questions. So, we ask that you provide us with a few paragraphs of information.


If I won a prize already, does that mean I can’t win again?

No. The selected product reviewers will be allowed to enter as many times as they want to. Winning will not negate you from winning future contests.


I haven’t exactly made a review, but I do have content that I would like to share with your website, is that ok?

Sure, any content that you would like to share with us we are willing to review. Whether it be original art work, or a poem about a pair of headphones, we are willing to review it all.


Ok, so I’m going to write a review. Where do I send it, and how will I know if you have received my work?

You can either email it to [email protected] or copy and paste your text into the contest submission box on our Giveaway Page. We ask that you allow us up to a week to review content. If your work doesn’t show up on our website within a week, we ask that you contact us and resubmit it.