These Exercise-Friendly Bluetooth Earbuds Are Down to $40 [Updated]

Update: Looks like Amazon sold out of the earbuds. If you’re looking for an alternative, Amazon has the popular Klipsch Image S4i exercise earbuds for $39 for the next few hours, but those obviously aren’t wireless.

If you’re set on Bluetooth, check out the Soundpeats Qy7 for $36. They’re wireless, sweatproof, and have surprisingly solid reviews, but I’ve admittedly never heard of the brand.

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Update 2: Fry’s also has them for $40. Thanks RKBOS!

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There’s nothing in the world more inexplicably rage-inducing than getting an earbud pulled out by the cord, but luckily, Bluetooth is solving that first world problem one set of headphones at a time. If you’re in the market for a pair, the popular MEElectronics Sport-Fi X6 Bluetooth earbuds are down to $40 today, matching their all-time low price.

$40 is a pretty solid price for any decent set of water-resistant, exercise-friendly earbuds, so the Bluetooth is really just a bonus. As always, we don’t know how many are available at this price, or how long the deal will last, so check out and get running. [MEElectronics Sport-Fi X6, $40]

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