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Top 5 In-ear Headphones Available Today

Whether you’re at the gym, traveling, or just hanging out, sometimes you just want something a little more compact, something that won’t weigh you down, or maybe even a pair of headphones that’s sweat-proof. For these specialties, you’re speaking precisely of what in-ear headphones have to offer.

As much as we love the sound and bass performance of big, hulking over-ear headphones, there are some situations where they simply tend to cause more problems than they’re worth.

As such, we’ve corralled our top-rated reviews so that you can do all your research and make a purchase in one place.We’re on a mission to provide you with the best in-ear headphones around.


Polk Nue Voe

It’s like Warby Parker got into the headphones game

Novel tortoise pattern Awesome sound iOS-only inline controls
Not only do these look the part, similar in style to a fancy set of tortoise-patterned eyeglasses, they sound awesome and are comfortable enough to wear all day. These earphones are packed with balanced armature drivers, which ups the mids to increase crispness.

It should be noted that the inline controls built into headphones only properly work with Apple products. You’ll still get the same performance in, say, an Android phone or a Windows phone, but you won’t be able to increase or decrease the volume.


Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE

Earphones that bleed style and booming sound

Slick, practical design Full sound delivery Inline controls iOS-only

In-ear headphones hone in on portability and convenience as main draws. Unfortunately, that sharp focus can result in features like sound performance and design taking a back seat in several in-ear options in the market.

The Beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE buck that trend by providing a stunning balance in its sound quality, feature set and design.


Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Fully-featured and powerful in-ear headphones

Affordable Stellar sound Different model for each mobile OS
With the appealing candy apple detailing, Sennheiser gets you in the door. But once you’re in, you’ll stay for the killer sound quality that comes from the Momentum In-Ear earphones.

These are the among the best deals in the headphones market as it stands today. The company has a version available for each flavor of mobile OS, so everyone can get in on the goodness.

Klipsch Reference in-ear headphones

Klipsch Reference X6i

Audiophile sound on the go

Extremely comfortable Balanced, spacious sound Lots of cable noise Awkward carrying case
The Klipsch Reference X6i are a wonderful-sounding package. Their comfort, build quality, sound quality and features make it great value for the money, too.

If you’re looking for balanced sounding in-ear headphones, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Klipsch Reference X6i. Stated simply, they’re supremely comfortable audiophile-level in-ear headphones for an affordable price.


Jaybird X2

Sporty headphones that are great for casual listeners too

Minimalistic design Above average battery life A bit expensive
If you’re looking for a hassle-free set of wireless in-ear headphones, the Jaybird X2 are an easy pick. The price might seem high, but the performance, ease of use and included goodies more than make up for the cost.