Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers

Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Hybrid Headphones

The fact that the body of each channel was possible to fit the whole two radiators instead of one: one regular or, as they say, dynamic, and the second reinforcement. Normally responsible for low and reinforcement for mid and high frequencies. It sounds fantastic, especially when you consider that just reinforcing the headphones even one driver is quite expensive.

For those who do not know the image below with an explanation. The tiny oblong contraption angular shape – it’s just reinforcing the driver and he said, according to the manufacturer reversible. Although there is a doubt. In the scheme below is not visible, set for housing one or two reinforcing emitters. Rather, it is only the use of two types of drivers, instead of some radiator with two anchors.

Dynamic speaker: Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review

I will not go into the jungle of technology, simply will express the position that guides manufacturers, developing precisely reinforcing the headphones. This type of radiator provides a perfectly balanced high and mid-range frequencies, without attacks and other crime. Roughly speaking, the sound, in this case, must be such that it should be. Dot. But with the bass may already be a problem. Per them through reinforcing the principle of sound radiation is very difficult. In good, we need a separate anchor for this case, but rather a several. All this money, great engineering and not only the costs – in general, is clearly not the way to Xiaomi. Apparently, for this reason, we decided to “save” and give the lower classes at the mercy of conventional membranes. Well, we’ll see what came of it.

 Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers

Design: Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review

Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review is trying to focus not only on the design of its products but also the first impression of it, which is composed users at the moment of decompression. Not for nothing on YouTube, there are hundreds or even thousands of channels, the owners of which do not feed bread, but give something to unzip and remove it on video.

Packaging equipment: Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review

 Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers

Box from the headphone Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review is packed in a transparent matte film, which is labeled some white label with numbers and bar code. Underneath the white box of thin cardboard. Behind the need to tear off a special tab, much likes a box of chocolates.

Inside find two boxes: a dense headset directly inside and simpler with removable ear pads. Suddenly, unexpectedly showed up immediately jamb from the Chinese, or rather, just two. Included should be three pairs of interchangeable nozzles differing in size of the Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review: XS, S and L. So, L-size was only one, and “S” three. In the photo below, by the way, set the left lip of the Hybrid, and the right of Xiaomi Piston 3. In addition, one of the nozzles, worn by themselves “ears” was dirty

In general, the manufacturer is evident in the search for and constantly experimenting with packaging. The plastic Piston 3 has a beautiful box with a reel of the cable is very pleasant to the touch rubber. In this case, we have nothing. Only cardboard, but still very good quality. Done carefully and tastefully. Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers review Components headphones with interchangeable ear pads