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Introducing The 3 Great Professional Studio Headphones

Well! It can be difficult to find a good pair of professional studio headphones. With so many models and functions people tend to get lost in all the details. And then price is always an issue. A premium pair of studio monitoring headphones can easily go for $1500 or more. So we’ve put together a […]

The Best Sennheiser Wireless Headphones for TV & Tips for Connect to TV

Over the years, we have reviewed a plethora of ‘TV-oriented’ wireless headphones from many makers. We keep coming back to the Sennheiser ‘RS’ line which we think offers some of the best products in this specialized category. Using wireless headphones for TV has several nice benefits. Along with handy wire-free convenience and improved dialogue / […]

The World’s Best Headphones for 2016 (So Far)

Although few years past away, headphones just keep getting better and better even though they have come a really long way. We are totally stoked by the incredible array of audiophile headphones available to music lovers today. Here is our staff-curated list of high end headphones we rate as the best of the best […]