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ESS 252 Headphones Review

Who the hell is ESS? Well, I looked them up. Apparently, the 46 year-old company became famous for its Heil Air Motion Transformer, a mid-range tweeter inspired by some German physicist. What does this have to do with the price of headphones in China? My point is, don’t let the obscure brand name fool you. […]

Astell & Kern SE100 Review

With tons of new headphones cluttering my desk – including that top-secret electrostatic Campfire model – I’m taking a break from headphone reviews today to look at the new Astell & Kern SE100 hi-res DAP.  At a fair $1699, this exquisite player from A&K offers an 8-core processor, native DSD playback, parametric EQ abilities, a […]

Advanced Wearable Audio AWA-101 Review

I had never heard of Advanced Wearable Audio before this week. But when my colleagues here at MajorHiFi shared their experience with this one, I was pretty excited to take a listen. The Advanced Wearable Audio AWA-101 is an in-ear-monitor with a lot of spunk, so I’m excited to share my thoughts with you today. […]

Best Headphones For Classical Music

Rarely do you find a headphone that is ideal for every genre. With classical music, it’s all about the highs and an even mid range. We want balanced and transparent strings and woodwinds, especially in the higher frequencies. But we don’t want it piercing our ears.  Some spaciousness would be nice too. With that in […]

2018 Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out

c/o Victor Freitas, PexelsThere’s a major heat wave going on in New York City with temps well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the thought of standing in the sweltering subway with all my bags and tons of people while trying to untangle my headphones to endure the 45 minute rise home is basically a nightmare. […]

BeoPlay Earset Review

Here at the MajorHifi review clubhouse, as I sink into a leather Chesterfield with a snifter of cognac and my test tracks, my eyes fall on the BeoPlay Earset.  Retailing for an ample $299, this new wireless headphone features a unique design.  But does the sound warrant such a blow to your wallet?  MajorHifi investigates. […]

RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

Ok, my poor little Android peeps. Here are some buds exclusively for you. If the only joy you get from these earphones is knowing that iPhone owners can’t use them, then that’s enough. But the RHA MA650 gives you a whole lot more than just revenge. Let’s find out why these headphones are such a […]

Hifiman Ananda Review

Today I’m sitting down to review the new Hifiman Ananda, taking a break from my usual regimen of trolling Bose fanboys online, or sending NSFW emails to John Grado.  The Ananda has already garnered some attention online, something I chalk up to Hifiman’s contuously growing reputation for audiophile sound.  But at $999, the Ananda seems […]

ESS 422H Headphones Review

I recently tested the ESS 252 and was impressed by the build and sound quality for the price. Unlike the ESS 252, the more expensive ESS 422H has a hybrid driver setup. In fact, it’s a very unique design in the headphone world. This is because the ESS 422H are the first cans to utilize […]

Review: Technics EAH-T700 – Double Driver

Disclaimer: The Technics EAH-T700 was sent to us by the local Technics branch. The unit in the meantime has been returned to Technics as it was a three week loaner.   Technics Everyone knows Technics and everyone heard or has heard of the iconic and legendary SL-1200 turntable. But Technics headphones? Not that famous if […]