RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

Ok, my poor little Android peeps. Here are some buds exclusively for you. If the only joy you get from these earphones is knowing that iPhone owners can’t use them, then that’s enough. But the RHA MA650 gives you a whole lot more than just revenge. Let’s find out why these headphones are such a good deal in this RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review.

RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

IN the BOX – RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

6 pairs of silicone tips

1 pair of foam tips

2 pairs of double flange tips

Carrying pouch

RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

FIT – RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

With 9 different pairs of ear tips, you should be able to find the right fit, unless you have freakishly shaped ears. Hey, that’s not very P.C. Let’s move on. These buds are super easy to pop in and provide more sound isolation than some of the noise-cancelling over-ear headphones out there. Can’t say the same for Apple buds…

DESIGN – RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

RHA must be durable. I’ve never seen a headphone company offer a 3 year warranty. Now, that’s what I call commitment. If only these headphones could double as boyfriends, am I right ladies? The cable has a fabric coating that makes it less susceptible to tangles, and the buds are made from a string aluminum. So, the MA650 should last you a while.

What makes these headphones specifically designed for Androids? The remote, of course. It has the usual 3 buttons that allow you to play/pause, skip tracks and accept calls. And screw Siri. Who needs her when you can activate Google’s much more attractive assistant.

RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

SOUND – RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

For 60 bucks, these buds sound great. They have a nice subby bass that’s not overpowering and doesn’t muddy the rest of the mix. It’s punchy too, so pop, hip-hop and EDM sound great on these. The midrange is also full sounding and quite well balanced. The upper mids are just a tad harsh at times. But overall, big rock and pop-rock choruses sound expansive and full-bodied. There’s also a lot of clarity here, so acoustic instruments come out beautifully as well. The highs are super transparent. Soprano strings have a lot of detail, for example. So, classical music also works well on these buds. In fact, the MA650 can handle any genre with grace.

SUMMARY – RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

Not much to think about here. If you’re an Android user and appreciate good sound along with a good deal, get these babies.

You can find these earphones for the best price at:

Audio 46: RHA MA650 Earphones For Android

Amazon: RHA MA650 for Android: Hi-Res Noise Isolating Aluminium In-Ear Headphones with Remote & Mic

SPECIFICATIONS – RHA MA650 Earphones For Android Review

Driver: custom dynamic

Sensitivity: 100dB

Cable 1.35m

Frequency Range: 16 – 40,000Hz

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Weight: 15g

Warranty: 3 Years