Consumer Review – Beyerdynamic DT 770

Consumer Review Beyerdynamic DT 770

By Paris H.

These headphones are truly worth their 80ohm sound! Super bass as it is meant to be heard and very apple crisp quality. Each part which is detachable is easily replaced. Almost makes this set of phones immortal : ) . A true artist tool, and can be used outdoors, but in my opinion, much better indoors. That is due to less noise to reduce indoors. There is a slight bulkiness to it but the sound is so great, you really forget how massive they are. the cord is also non-detachable, but that is a minor flaw in a almost flawless custom design. There is also slight tightness around head when wearing glasses. I know there are swarms of the youth swarming for the latest headphones sponsored by their favorite Hip Hop artist, but imagine using headphones like the DT 770, that are used by professional studios around the world. I give these a 4 out of a 5. Only because of the non-detachable wire, but that is totally like climbing Mount Fuji and forgetting your flag to stamp. A minor nuisance. I also forgot to highlight the isolation properties of these delicate instruments. It is almost as if you are going to step outside of reality for a moment.