Picture Sunday: Oriveti Basic

The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is the Oriveti Basic. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here.

Primacy and Basic, two sides of a social experiment charged with spending your money. Primacy, the side I reviewed last year, has recently been updated. It is called New Primacy. In almost lockstep, Basic debuted. I’ll tell you which earphone you and I – the customer – are supposed to pick, to be sucked toward, to be engineered into purchasing.

New Primacy. It’s in the name.

And yet, Basic fulfils a role Primacy can’t. The first is its 100$ USD> price point. The second being its simpler, straighter guts. Both use a proprietary driver, Basic’s being 10mm, New Primacy’s being 8mm. Both use MMCX connectors and a sticky, Nuforce-style twisted cable. Will it break? Probably. Both earphones fit flat and comfy in the ear.

Basic’s single driver is super coherent. Better yet, it’s got more than a little grit.

In a few days I’ll talk explain more than I do after the colon: Basic has a wide, mid-girthy soundstage, a minimally softened high range, and a decently-textured, cool, and minorly elevated bass. That latter bit eschews absolute detail for hearty grit. It’s a good sound, a good fit, and a overall a good build.

More to come.