Review: Urban Vinyl Classics – Hippedihop


Urban Vinyl

Urban Who? Urban Vinyl is a reasonably new company that I stumbled up on by coincidence on Instagram. This is how U.V. describes themselves: “Urban Vinyl provides a vintage style for a new sound. Bringing back times when things were much simpler. Urban Vinyl gives you high quality audio products at a valuable price”.

I liked their posts on Instagram, started following them even long before the Classics was available and finally decided to shoot them an email. U.V. happily agreed on me checking out the Classics and here we are now. The Classics by most is considered as a fashion headphone and we usually don’t really look at these unless they’re special. The Classics is one of those special headphones as it has good sound, great design and especially because Urban Vinyl does something for the “community” too.

“Here at Urban Vinyl we believe in making a difference and the importance of giving back. That is why we have partnered with The Children’s Music Fund. CMF helps provides music therapy to children and young adults with chronic, severe, or terminal illnesses through musical instruments and music. Research has shown children exposed to music therapy typically have a quicker recovery. Music therapy also helps the children keep their mind off their illness and gives them something else to do while in the hospital.”

With every product that U.V. sells, they contribute to the CMF to help them make a difference. If nothing on their website interests you, you can still contribute to CMF by clicking the link here. 


The Classics is a full size vintage looking headphone with a headband system that reminds me of the typical Beyerdynamic one. The build quality is pretty good and the headphone for sure can take a beating but I’m not really convinced by the sizing system. It’s very easy to change the height of the headband but I’m not sure the plastic in the system is going to last very long, it could have been a bit more rigid. So far so good though and I have no other remarks about the headphone itself.

The Headband and the Ear pads are in pleather with Memory Foam Padding for extreme comfort. The ear cups will rest on your ears for sure and the Classics is more of a full-sized on-ear headphone than it is an over-ear one. The pads are comfortably soft however and the fit is good, ensuring good bass. The ear cups are handcrafted from African Mahogany / Sapele wood. A lot of headphones that use wood often have issues with the wood after a while (like Audeze and Hifiman) but I haven’t seen any signs here that this might happen. Of course the use of wood is a little different here. The nice thing about the wood is that no single pair looks the same.



Because of the materials used and the on-ear factor, your ears do get hot after several hours of use. Its clamp force is OK and it doesn’t hurt my ears straight away. It’s not as comfortable as a Beyerdynamic headphone though.

“The Classics are designed so that you can get lost in your world of music. The Classics are made from the highest quality materials to ensure complete comfort so you can have a relaxing music experience”.

The 2.8m cable is coiled, non-detachable and it is terminated in a 3.5mm plug with a screw on to 6.3mm. The cable reminds me a lot of the classic Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and while I’m not a fan of coiled cables in general, this one does seem to work for me. The Classics isolates pretty good but you will still hear some outside sound. The driver inside the Classics is a 50mm one with an impedance of 84Ohms and a sensitivity of 105 ±3dB. The Classics comes with the standard one year warranty.

The Classics do remind me of the Meze Headphones in a way but they are completely unrelated. Urban Vinyl now also has the Acorns inear monitor but I don’t know yet if we will be featuring those on soon. The Classics sells for only $179.99 which is low nowadays.