RHA S500I earphone

RHA S500I Earphone 2016 In-Depth Review

The S500 an S500i are the latest launch from the Scottish in-ear specialist brand RHA. They are amongst the most critically rated budget earphones in India. They have been creating waves all around the world.

RHA’s come to be known around the world as the “Aston Martin of Headphones” with their high precision engineering. They use the best quality aircraft grade alluminium and stainless steel giving the earphones distinctive signature look and sound. The S500 and S500i are their entry level in-ears to be used with smartphones.

The new custom made dynamic drivers in RHA S500 and S500i are amongst the world’s smallest at 6 millimeters. The earphones are compact, tiny and ultra light weight. A highly durable body made from a toughen alluminum alloy makes the S500 look stylish.

RHA S500I earphone

The S500i is basically S500’s identical twin but with an in-line microphone and a 3 button remote for Apple iOS devices. RHA’s fabric braided cable keeps these earphones tangle free while the plastic elastimo cable ensures cable noise free microphonics. The 3.5mm connector is made from metal and is extremely durable. Sound is definitely RHA’s strength. The S500’s dynamic drivers are hand-made and designed from scratch to make them as small and compact as possible. The S500’s sound signature is very well detailed, vibrant and balanced unlike other bass heavy earphones. They don’t compromise on clarity and crispness.

The S500 shines with the beautifully emphasized mids and punchy bass. The RHA S500 comes with fabric carry pouch and a clothing clip. There are also wide range of 7 different eartips in different sizes held together in a neat little tray. You also get double flange eartips that perform best for noise isolation. The Comply™ Foam isolation memory tips work beautifully with the S500. They are compatible with the 200 series from Comply.

The S500 comes with a phenomenal 3 year warranty. It’s not surprising that the build quality is made to last. These are definitely the best earphones at a budget of 2-3 thousand especially if you are looking for a balanced and detail sound signature.