Sennheiser Releases a NEW line and its in store

Sennheiser Releases a NEW line

By, Ryan F. J. Davison

September 12th, 2016


September 22nd, 2016

German tech company, Sennheiser, has been quiet busy over the last few weeks. At the recent Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) trade show, the company released a brand new line of headphones. Sennheiser has included 11 models to accommodate the variety of needs expressed by their customers. While focusing in on the innovating the existing technologies that they have used in the past, the company also decided to reinvent some classic Sennheiser designs for the new line. This release comes on the heals of their previous line of gaming headphones that was released last month.

So how dose this line stack up?

The PCX 480 pcx480-sennheiser-audio46-sennheiser-store

Features a compact foldable design,  NoiseGardTM active cancellation, 50-hour battery life, and an inline microphone.

The company has stated that they were thinking about those who travel when designing this model.  By utilizing NoiseGardTM in it’s design, the company was able to achieve active noise canceling that works even when the headphones are not playing music. Perfect for busy planes, trains, and buses.




The PCX 550 Wirelesspcx550-wireless-sennheiser-audio46-sennheiser-store

Similar to its wired counterpart, the PCX480, the PCX550 was designed with traveling in mind. These headphones also utilize the NoiseGardTM technology and feature a fordable design.

The main difference between the two designs is the lack of chord. What is really exciting about this model, is it’s astonishing 30 hours of continuous battery life. While we don’t recommend using headphones longer than 2 hours at a time for safety reasons, this model will soon be the pinnacle of traveling headphones.






sennheiser-hd559-audio46-headphones-storeThe HD 559

These over-ear, open-back cans were designed with home entertainment listening in mind. These headphones are an upgrade to the ever popular HD 500.

These headphones are powered by Sennheiser’s proprietary transducer technology including the “Ergonomic acoustic refinement” (E.A.R.) design, which channels the audio signal directly into your ears. You can also expect a detachable cable, to allow you to customize your listening experience even more.






The HD 569hd-569-audio46-sennheiser-store

Similar in build and design to the HD 559, This model offers a biit more versatility than the 559 with its closed back design. The 569 also comes with 2 detachable cables, one with an inline microphone to allow you to answer your calls on the go.

Like most of Sennheiser’s headphones with mics, you can expect a model to be compatible with your Apple or Android products. We don’t recommend using them with the Galaxy Note 7, but that’s only because you don’t want to risk them catching on fire.






hd-579-audio46-sennheiser-storeThe HD 579

The HD 579 provides high-end performance, and comfort with its full sized over-ear open-back design. Similar in look to the HD 559, theses cans offer a slightly upgraded experience listening experience to the 559.

While they are designed for consumer use, Sennheiser has also tried to make these headphones to be able to be used in a studio environment. From their analytical sound, to the inclusion of a  6.3 mm to 3.5 mm adapter to allow for studio usage, you will find these headphones very versatile.




The HD 599hd-599-audio46-sennheiser-store

Yes, they skipped the 589, we noticed too. Sold as the premium model in this open back HD 5 series, these cans have all of the strengths of the HD 579, while offering an improved design. You can expect a wider spacial range of these headphones, when compared to the HD 579

You may notice this familiar color combo that has been utilized in the company’s Momentum series.

In addition to the color upgrade you can expect 2 cables with these headphones and a 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm adapter.





hd-4-20The HD 4.20

Features an durable construction and a folding headband for easy storage when not in use. The HD 4.20s is perfect for listening to music and taking calls on the go in style.

With it’s collapsible design, and inline 1 button microphone you will find that this sleek model, is great on the go.








The HD 4.30hd-4-30-sennheiser-store-audio46

In black and brushed metal or white and copper. This model boosts an over-ear closed back model designed for on-the-go listening. These headphones offer a robust bass to attune for mid-range heavy mp3 files.

The design is simple and includes a 3 button detachable cable with microphone.





The HD 2.10 sennheiser-hd-2-10-sennheiser-store-audio46

Theses sleek, lightweight, on-ear, closed-back headphones are great for that person who wants a slimmed down simplistic look, while maintaining an excellent bass response.










The HD 2.20hd-2-20

Similar in look to the HD 4.20, except like the rest of the HD 2 series this is an on-ear model. similar to the 2.1, you can expect excellent bass reproduction in this closed-back design.

This model includes a 35mm cable with 1 button remote and microphone, and an angled cable for convenience.







The HD 2.30hd-2-30-audio-46-sennheiser-shop

Playing off of the HD 2.20 design, while offering the features and color options of the HD 4.30, these stylish headphones are guaranteed to turn heads.

It’s lightweight durable design and crisp, clear, accurate, sound replication make it the perfect on-the-go on-ear headphone.

This model comes with 2 cables, one of which has a 3 button inline microphone.




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