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Two of The Best Bluetooth Headsets Under RS. 10000

AKG wireless headphone

Well! Here are the Best Wireless Headphones of the year 2016. We the rising popularity of Bluetooth headphones, we stumbled upon a large number of extremely well built and great sounding pairs. However, after tediously curating and striking out the not very relevant, here is presenting to you the best of Bluetooth headphones that you can get your hands on.

This list has been compiled with the help of users as well as our in-house experts.


1. SONY – MDR – XB650BT

Sony - MDR - XB650BT


Sony has come to be know for it headphones with Stupefying bass. And the Sony MDR-XB650BT is another headphone that has been designed specially for all the bassy heads out there. A wireless on-ear headset these feature Sony’s popular Extra Bass tuning.

Featuring Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, the XB650BT has 30mm drivers and Covers sounds across a wide frequency spectrum. It is designed for today’s bass-heavy music, picking up every possible bass note.

It of a battery life of up to 30 hours of continuous playback. Thus, you can enjoy your music for long hours, without having to hassle about your battery draining off.

The Sony MDR XB650BT headphones flaunts an eye-catching design with bright red metallic colour and oversized, angular shape. Sony worked hard on its design element and has tried to come with a cool and contemporary design. We love the look these feature.

The in-built remote lets you carry out your function with just a touch of a button.

A simple task to connect your headphones, you just need to long press the power button to pair the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Yes you are good go!

All in all, the Sony MDR XB650BT is a lovely pair and is beautiful sonically and aesthetically.


2. AKG – Y45BT


The Austrian brand is well known for its extreme attention to detail and highly stylish audio headphones. This time around the brand brings to us the AKG Y45BT.

The AKG Y45BT comes in a very stylish executive design, where cool and elegance come together. There is absolutely no flashiness in show here; the headphones very easily make its way through on the style front. The model comes in two basic solid colours: black and white, these look fantastic.

The biggest boon that comes with this model is its cable. You can go wired as and when you wish. Thus, save up on your battery, by using the passive mode at other times.

The earcups feature a remote control and remote that lets you to carry out all your essential functions. However, you will not be able to use these functions when the headset is connected to the cable.  The left earcup also houses a micro USB connection for the included charging cable.

When it comes to the sound,  Y45BT delivers a laudable amount of deep low-end. It doesn’t distort even at high ends. The headphones maintain a strong sense of low frequency response. We love how the audio sounds with crisp at high-mid presence and even lower volumes.

A drawback, the Bluetooth transmission is not very clear. You will find that audio may sound hissy at lower volumes. However, the cable does help in such a situation.

Over, the AKG Y45BT is aesthetic looking pair that delivers fantastic audio.